Technique for razors on the back of the shaved tapping mouth

1. Hold the knife and stand upright

– The right hand holds the handle and provides the main force to pull the razor. When raising the handle or lowering the handle will adjust the level of shavings. Applying a knife handle to the trunk or out of the trunk will adjust the tapping depth.

– The left hand holds the knife to balance.

– Stance: Two feet slightly out of 900 is good for weight distribution evenly on both legs.

2. Get behind square border for tapping

Place the knife on the mouth about 2 – 3 cm back, push the knife upward to the back. Hand to lower the handle down to get a square.

3. Shake the standard

After you have finished the square, shave a standard 4 – 5 cm long to properly position the knife to ensure the amount of pulp and depth of tapping.

4. Scrape and move

It is a rhythmic coordination between hands and feet.

– When shoveling need to pull the knife definitely cut off the shavings. Clenched the cheek close to the regeneration shell above to create the groove on the shaved mouth.

– Legs stand in the position of the mouth, left foot forward. When shaved gradually shift the focus to the right foot, then left foot steps back and forth behind the right heel. At this point the focus is on the left leg, followed by the right foot and back to the original posture. Continuously step up until you have finished shaving.

5. Collecting knives

When scraping to the mouth of the money, the left hand slightly pressed into, at the same time the right hand knife just applied to the trunk just raise the knife up to make fish (square money).


– Knives must always be sharpened.

– When the scraper finish glance at the knife, wash and cover with knife cover.

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