Stump method – the methods of incubating plants

Stump nursery method is now widely used in the rubber planting technique

Our rubber seed garden is currently using the same sawmill method. Perhaps the rubber planters are so familiar, but you do not know anything about rubber trees but have the need to learn, interested in it, let us learn a few days today. the experience of the people ahead.

Stump seed is meant to sow seeds directly to the garden without germinating. At present it has many advantages compared to other forms, the initial investment is low, easy to care, planted simultaneously with the number of more trees per area.

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Uncle Quang in the nursery rubber trees
Method of grafting:
Rubber seedlings after planting is about 4-6 months, when the stem diameter of about 1cm and the top leaf layer is stable, will be grafted. The process of grafting is a meticulous, careful, clever step because it determines the development of the plant.

After transplanting for about 15-20 days to remove the tape and check, if the eyes are blue, the live tree, can spit sell.

The rubber tree will be removed from the tree, then cut to remove the tops by 5-7 cm from the eye and use nylon strips wrapped to prevent water from penetrating or applying Vaseline or dip into melted wax

As new plants spit out of the ground, temporary nutrient supply remains in the body, if leaves, the tree will not retain water, the recovery process grows slowly, or leave the tree more susceptible to death. In addition, after planting, trees exposed to new soil environment need time to adapt, plants need more nutrients, water should be cut off the upper body is necessary. In addition, the tree saw will also help to transport plants to plant more easily.

Apart from ensuring nutrients and caring for the plants, it is also important to select varieties that are suitable for climatic and soil conditions. Currently there are many varieties to choose depending on the conditions, Gia Nguyen company is breeding PB 260 for high volume and stable yield.

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