Some technical indicators in rubber tapping

1. Time tapping

 2 The opening of the shaven mouth of the new plant put into shave is conducted on the March – April (before rainy season) and late October (after rainy season). The tree is being harvested for shaved leaves when new rubber leaves, (usually on January or February). The tree is shaved once the leaf layer has stabilized (in March – April).

2. The depth of tapping

 Regulation from 1.0 mm – 1.3 mm from the floor. Avoid scraping, scraping, shaving not to be abusive.

3. Level of waste – Marking waste

For shaved mouth, 1.1 to 1.5 mm per shave. Maximum shaving time 16 cm / yr for shaving rate d3; 20 cm per year for shave rate d / 2. For controlled shaving, no more than 2 mm per shave. On shells maximum 3 cm / month.

For shaved mouths out of control, no more than 3 mm per shave. Maximum shelf life of 4.5 cm / month.

Every year, before you begin shaving, use a hook or shaver to remove the shaving heads,

Scraping on the shells of the standard lines to control the volume of each month, quarter

combined shear mouth slope control.

4. Standard shaving

The standard trowel when the slope is right, with trough, square, square back, not deviated mouth, not over the line, not ripples.

5. Hours of Tapping – Pouring

a) Time of tapping:

 Pay attention to the shaving. During rainy season should not shave when the bark wet. Wait until drained.

b) Pouring:

 When the pus stops flowing, then discharge pus, if it rains, the pus should soon to avoid pus. The tree shaved before the discharge. Use the cups in the cup.

6. Tapping tools needed (Figure 2)

 – razor.

 – Stone grinding knife (1 stone discharge, 1 stone mud).

 – 1 basket containing pus and latex.

 – 1 pour of 15 liters.

 – 1 container of 25 – 30 liters.

 – 1 pus.

 – 1 scraping.

 – 1 blow.

 – 1 ointment.

 – 1 wipes

 These tools must be very clean, the knife is sharpened regularly.

7. Work before and after tapping each tree

 3 Before shaving, to remove the latex, latex cup, fix the gutter, gutter, cup on Band. Shake the cup up and bring the pus to the cup before shaving the other.

Direction to shave the adjacent trees, after each shave must change the shaving heads.  After pouring down, put the latex cup back in the tubing position to drain late, avoid pouring retained

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