Shape types of Rubber seedling

Understanding the types of rubber tree seedlings is one of the important roles for selecting suitable rubber seedlings. The following article will explain this to you.

1. Three types of rubber seedlings
Do you like me is the form of rubber seed directly affect the price, shipping price?

There are three types of rubber seedlings in common: Hevea Rubber, Congo rubber and LBCTM Rubber, which consist of 1 to 2 layers of leaves and 2 to 3 layers of leaves. Of course, the third one is the most expensive and the cheapest is Hevea.

Depending on the shipping conditions you should choose the most suitable rubber seedling.

Tum ceilings suitable for transporting distant roads, difficult transportation conditions. With the same number of seedlings, the cost of transporting the bare tissue is the lowest.
But in return the survival rate, garden output as well as even in the orchard is lower than in other forms.
The top cutter is suitable for medium transport, and is more optimal than the other. Suitable for specific orchard areas and detailed planting plans.

The seedlings of both germination and bulbplants are technically recommended from the VRG. Used for planting and replanting of planted areas. For bulbs should ensure from 2 to 3 layers of new leaves used for planting, with seed pots can use a layer of leaves for planting.

2. Select the appropriate seedling form
With favorable climatic conditions, the number one priority is to grow 1 to 2 layers of stable seedling. Gardens are planted with 1 to 2 layers of stable leaves will have the advantage of development due to the characteristics of leaf formation. It is a well-developed root system, a well-developed shoot, low mileage, and easy care.

In geographically unfavorable areas when transporting seedlings. It is possible to use the tum to facilitate transportation, but must plant two or three layers of stable leaves. Direct husbandry is limited by tumors due to the high rate of tree planting, uneven plant development and difficulties in care.

A reputable address for buying seedlings

It’s not hard to find a place to buy rubber. But where reputable, semi-right and quality is a problem. Both me and you, so the simplest way is to the most prestigious address.

It is the Vietnam Rubber Research Institute (RRIV)

This is the most prestigious address, all varieties of rubber in Vietnam, hybrid or RRIV are derived from here. This is also the center of breeding, management of rubber seed of the rubber industry in Vietnam under the VRG. Here we provide all services related to rubber trees. From consultancy to supply seedlings, soil classification, latex physiology, stimulation, quality control, disease prevention and treatment on rubber trees.

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