Process of selecting rubber seedling – The suitable location for planting

You do not know where to start picking where rubber seedlings will come from? I bet you will totally agree, when I say there is too much content to learn to choose the best rubber seedlings.
Yes, choosing the right rubber tree or rubber variety is not as easy as many people imagine. However, all you need to do is to apply the following 4 specific steps to choose the best rubber seedling.

In this article, I will show you exactly how you can make your decision to breed within 10 minutes. But first you need to answer these following 4 questions!

1. Is the location suitable for rubber trees?
2. Is the variety suitable, the same?
3. What kind of seedlings are suitable for transportation conditions?
4. Which landlord is reputable for supplying rubber seedlings?

So, today I would like to answer the first question, there are two matter which need to be sure.

1. Location of rubber trees
Some of you will say this is not important! But it is not true that rubber trees are grown everywhere.

Suitatble Location for Planting
Suitatble Location for Planting

Like other crops, rubber trees also need certain conditions to grow. These are areas suitable for both climate and land. If you are in the area below, congratulations.

That said, however, there are some areas in the rubber plantation is not really suitable for rubber trees to grow. The best way to do this is to evaluate your planted area by a professional.

2. Are the projects, state-owned rubber plantations near your planting site?

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This can be seen as a plus. Because of that, will you be able to see if the rubber tree is suitable for planting here?

In addition, you will find technical advice on care and exploitation. Access to new techniques, new rubber varieties suitable for your garden area. In the longer term, rubber latex is the place where rubber companies are present in the rubber market.

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