Guide to rubbing rubber in case the mouth is shaved

1. Handle knife and standing posture

– The right handle on the bottom of the handle, used to adjust the attenuation, depth of cut and provide the main force to push.

6 The left hand holds the top of the handle to adjust the balance.

– The position of the two hands on the handle depends on the height of the mouth and note that raising the right elbow is too high to cause fatigue in the hands and shoulders.

– At the beginning of the shave, the weight is spread evenly over the legs, the feet are about 25 – 30 cm apart, the angle between the two feet is 900 feet, the left leg is slightly raised to the trunk.

2. Get the money

Place the knife in the mouth, the blade parallel to the mouth of the shaved, lift the right hand slightly, press the knife into the shell to press the square.

3. Scrape and move

– After pressing the square, lower your right arm so that the blade comes back parallel to the shaved mouth. Adjust the right arm to cut a specified number of layers (1.5 – 2.0 mm).

– Push the blade from the bottom up to cut off the shaving heads.

– While shaving, the guide blade should be slightly inclined to form an angle of about 100 degrees with the regenerated shell, the knife should always rest against the bottom of the trough to maintain the depth and thickness of the chip. To achieve this, the legs need to move smoothly with the shaving hand so that the body is always at the same level as the knife.

Firstly, the focus is on the legs, followed by the movement of the knife, the center of gravity moving to the left leg. To move the body, cross the right leg towards the back of the left foot, slowly center the left foot to the right foot. When the center of gravity is fully centered on the right leg, the left leg is horizontal as the posture begins to shave. So move until the knife reaches the back. When moving always keep the distance between people and trunk.

– In cases where the mouth is low, knee slightly, lower the body, eyes always look inside the trough to control the shaving.

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