Criteria for rubber trees to be put into tapping

Rubber tree is considered to meet the standard of shaving when the trunk is 50 cm or more, measured from the ground 1 m. Shavings should be avoided too small (less than 40 cm) because when the groove starts to open, the growth of the tree slows, the plant grows slowly to yield long term later.

Today, there are many varieties of rubber growing fast but the shaving is thin so it is difficult to shave. As a result, shaving on thin shavings is easier to remove. Therefore, one more criterion to consider is that the plants are qualified to shave when the shell thickness is above 6 mm. This standard also applies to regenerated casings.

2. Number of trees per shaved part (number of trees per person can be shaved per day)

Depending on the terrain, shaving years and the health of the workers tapping. A healthy person can shave 400 to 500 plants a day. In the case of shaved face and back, the number of shaved trees is only 320 – 380 trees / day.

Equipment for tapping plants:

The shredder is equipped with all materials: bowls, bowls, troughs. The trench is tilted under the mouth of money 10 cm, the band is forced from the mouth 25 cm – 35 cm, not attached to the trunk of rubber trees.

The cup is made of earthenware, in the cup is coated with porcelain enamel to easily extract the cup. In the rainy season, rain gutters should be equipped for rubber trees.

4. Shaving mouth design

a) Shaving mouth height:

The mouth of a newly opened tree with a mouth measuring 1.3 m above the ground.

b) Slope of the mouth:

Depending on the age of the tree, the slope of the shaved mouth compared to the horizontal axis is:

– New shaved plants (shaved 1 – 10): 340

– Middle aged tree (age 11-17): 320

Old trees (over 17 scales): 300

– Shaved heads: 450

c) Shaving mouth:

Money mouths are opened in the same direction in the lot.

d / Open more (miles open):

In April and October every year more shade is opened to qualified trees

open mouth shave. At the beginning of the third shave, shave all the cuttings> 40 cm. Mouth to shave

Same as the current height of the previous trees.

5. Open the shaving mouth.

After the design, razor blade removal 3:

– Slim 1: Standard shave.

– Lot 2: wedge wedge.

– Thin 3: Finishing the shaving mouth, shaving the blade slowly to the depth of scraping

Avoid shaving when you open your shave.

The level of shaving when opening the mouth allows a maximum of 1.5 – 2.0 cm.

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