ASAP – The efficient rubber garden management software

The rubber garden management software uses modern GIS technology to help manage the rubber plantation in a scientific and effective way, improving crop productivity.

Main functions of the rubber garden management software
Land management subdivision
Management of each land plot, updating, adding, editing information on land use, area, changes, legal …
Visualize each land plot on the map
Quick search of land parcels
You can see the land on Google Earth to see where the land is
Export reports on the land situation such as statements made by purpose of use, by source, legal, use situation …
Export plot of land supporting printing
Plant management system
Manage each rubber lot, update, add new rubber each
Manage the number of trees in the rubber plantations, planting holes, seedlings, planting methods, tree density, inefficient plants, year of planting, garden type (nursery gardens, nursery gardens, rubber trees). .)
Manage the location of each tree in the plot, view 3D trees
It is possible to create new trees or create new trees on the rubber
Search by rubber lot
Export reports on orchards such as inventory of business gardens, inventory of orchards, inventory of orchards by type, type of land.
Can see the location, shape of the garden in Google Earth
Output tree map supporting printing
Subsystem for mining management
Information management exploitation: dried latex, dried apricots to each batch, each period of exploitation
Manage harvesting productivity in batches, per team, per worker.
Reporting, statistics on mining productivity.

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